Red Cross Professional Responder courses:

  •  Meet or exceed all provincial/territorial health
    and safety legislation; meet the Paramedic
    Association of Canada National Occupational
    Competency Profile.
  • Meet Provincial and Territorial pre-hospital care
    licensing and registration requirements.
  • Provide delivery options for in-house training.
  • Provide comprehensive instructor development
    support and teaching tools that can be
    customized to the needs of the participants.
  • Are built on a variety of teaching techniques
    including instructor-led skills demonstrations
    and practice, realistic scenarios and exercises,
    and video demonstrations using professional
  • Are available in English and French.
  • Include mental health first aid content.
  • Are based on the latest, evidence-based science,
    education and practice.

Our customized menu of courses designed to meet your needs

Note: Please be aware of local/provincial regulations that may dictate different maintenance and recertification