Our Mission

Guelph Career Institute aspires to serve the community with integrity, pride and courage while displaying empathy and compassion. The owner is committed to providing a safe and positive environment where students can explore and learn about the skills required to enter their chosen field.

Courses we offer

Traffic Control/Protection

This program covers the hazards of directing Traffic during an Emergency Response, the legislation that applies, and how First Responders, Tow Truck Operators and Road Crews can protect themselves from these hazards.

Emergency Medical Responder

An Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) may function in the context of a broader role, i.e., law enforcement, fire rescue or industrial response. With a limited amount of equipment, the EMR answers emergency calls to provide efficient and immediate care to ill and injured patients.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid Level C is for individuals requiring basic information on First Aid and CPR for their workplace, school, or personal interest.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is a respiratory device that contains and delivers breathable compressed air. It is typically used by the firefighters and rescue workers while operating in areas of immediate danger to life and health, such as inside a building inferno or in a mine filled with smoke or toxic gas.

FIT Testing

Fit testing is the method for finding the respirator that fits your face and ... Fit testing helps ensure you wear the right respirator to protect you.

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